Sharper Agent


Sharper Agent is an industry leader in real estate marketing, offering a complete menu of marketing solutions that allow realtors to better service their clients. Using Sharper Agent’s tools, real estate agents are able to create customized collateral and marketing campaigns to promote their properties.

Our Challenge

Real estate agents work in a fast-moving environment that requires direct mail campaigns to reach prospects as quickly as possible with the highest quality. Sharper Agent’s clients demand the highest quality products and service, and over the years, Sharper Agent has worked with multiple printers trying to find the right mix of cost, quality and service.

Sharper Agent continues to expand their product offerings, which requires a flexible technology platform that can accommodate all types of templates and combinations of assets.

Our Solution

Shutterfly Business Solutions' platform was built to fulfill all of Sharper Agent’s needs. Based on our obsessively high standards of quality, Shutterfly was able to give Sharper Agent members the highest quality direct mail and collateral available in the digital print space.

Additionally, our technology solutions group developed a platform to create a streamlined order process: regardless of the product, our automated content tool created the ability to process, merge and print all orders in an automated system.

With this tool in place, orders were composed, accepted, processed and sent to print in a hands-off workflow. Shutterfly’s production teams followed defined operating procedures for delivering the highest quality visual imagery possible, giving Sharper Agent the quality, speed and service they were looking for.