Electronics Seller


For 26 years, this company has empowered consumers to use technology by delivering solutions that help them do and achieve more. They operate several business units that are segmented by customer type as well as by geographic location.

Our Challenge

In May 2009, they were looking to increase customer engagement and experience with their U.S. consumers. Their primary objectives were to increase awareness of their wide range of product offerings, as well as maximize trigger effectiveness and increase speed to market. Ultimately, their end goal was to drive segmentation and direct communication to increase revenue and continued purchase loyalty.

Our Solution

Shutterfly Business Solutions created a multi-channel, multi-touch personalized communication stream guided by a CRM analytic framework of product propensity. This, leveraged with a mix of educational, transactional and brand-actional communication, allowed this company to build customer relationships and drive engagement.

Shutterfly’s technology team also developed an automated content tool that allowed for true direct content, which increased cadence and execution within the buyer’s awareness window. Shutterfly also offered a package of trigger programs that allowed specific markets to launch quickly and cost effectively. The outcome of the program was reduced production costs, resources and touch-points, which led to an increase in speed-to-market and competitive adaptability.

In addition to the U.S. trigger and direct mail campaigns, similar campaigns have been added in Canada, Europe, Latin America and Australia. Because of this growth, Shutterfly has reduced production costs as well as leveraged creative formats for all regions.

Overall, the company has seen a 20-40% increase in customer response rates and incremental revenue as a result of direct market material being put in customers’ hands within 1-3 days of their initial purchase.