Variable Messages, Consistent Results.

With a pedigree born and bred in Silicon Valley, Shutterfly is a company with technological expertise at its very core. Having been built on the core principles and technologies that drove millions of fulfilled orders for consumers, Shutterfly Business Solutions offers the same immediate interaction with customers and assets without the baggage of legacy thinking of self-centered needs. Shutterfly’s success in the consumer social networking space is dependent on immediate interaction with customers and assets. SBS has this advantage with the B-to-B space.

  • > Our technology and workflow automation expertise is unmatched in the B-to-B space.
  • > ”Client First“ technology presentment is based on the unique requirements of each situation and leverages the ability to execute complete turn-key solutions.
  • > Put our unmatched digital workflow and asset management capabilities to work with a proprietary platform for creating unique personalized documents and the ability to put them into your customers hands almost immediately.
> Order Management Portal

Order Management Portals (OMPs) give customers direct interaction with content. We recognize the OMP interface is critical to plugging our clients into the latest automated workflow management systems, and without this connection, there really is no automated system. Basics allow order entry, proofing and order management to be tied to a powerful suite of reporting capabilities that puts our clients in complete control of their programs at all times. The OMP can be customized for each program and client environment to allow for greater program efficiency.

Shutterfly OMP has been flexibly designed to accept multiple types of creative, such as Adobe InDesign, PDF and Specialty creative (JPG/TIFF/Other). Additionally, the OMP is able to accept XML order data based on a Shutterfly schema. In specialty builds, Shutterfly has been able to code the acceptance of structured Excel and text files to process orders.

> Automated Content Tool

In a database of thousands (if not millions) and a marketplace that requires immediate customer interaction, how can you expect to communicate with each customer uniquely? You must rely on automated content creation.

Our web-based content creation and authoring tools make it easy to configure variable data into useful marketing communications that conform to both brand and legal guidelines. And because it’s plugged directly into our data and production processes, our content tool lets you maximize trigger effectiveness and increase speed-to-market, the keys to successful direct marketing efforts.

> E-Commerce / E-Transactional

Shutterfly is “Best-in-Class” with respect to developing and managing true e-commerce/e-transactional web presences. As one of the top social media and direct-to-consumer brands, no partner brings the breadth of real-market experience and knowledge to our partners. A leader in all areas of e-commerce/e-transactional presentment, Shutterfly is the turn-key choice for major brands to execute revenue-producing sites.